How Much Is Parking at Universal Studios?

Parking fees at Universal Studios can vary depending on the location and type of parking you choose. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are the general parking rates for Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort:

Universal Studios Hollywood (California):

  • General Parking: Typically, the cost for general parking is around $25-$30 per day.
  • Preferred Parking: Preferred parking is available for approximately $40-$50 per day.
  • Front Gate Parking: Front Gate parking is the most convenient option and may cost around $50-$60 per day.

Please note that these rates can change, so I recommend checking Universal Studios Hollywood’s official website for the most up-to-date information on parking fees.

Universal Orlando Resort (Florida):

  • Regular Parking: As of my last update, regular parking at Universal Orlando was around $26-$40 per day, depending on the time of year and demand.
  • Prime Parking: Prime parking was available for approximately $35-$50 per day.
  • Valet Parking: Valet parking was offered at some Universal Orlando hotels and CityWalk for a higher fee.

Universal Orlando Resort’s parking fees may also change, so it’s a good idea to check their official website or contact them for the latest pricing information. For more interesting information visit our website

Keep in mind that parking rates can vary for special events or promotions, so it’s a good practice to verify the current parking rates before your visit to Universal Studios.

Exploring the Parking Options

Standard Parking

At Universal Studios, they offer various parking options. Standard parking is the most common choice for visitors. The cost of standard parking usually varies, so let’s delve into the details.

Preferred Parking

For those who want the convenience of parking closer to the entrance, there’s preferred parking. What’s the price difference, and is it worth it? We’ll find out.

Valet Parking

Universal Studios also provides valet parking service, which comes with its perks. We will discuss the cost and benefits of this premium option.

Standard Parking Rates

Weekday Rates

Standard parking rates on weekdays can differ from those on weekends and peak seasons. We’ll outline the weekday prices to help you make an informed decision.

Weekend Rates

Weekends are when Universal Studios sees an influx of visitors. This section will detail the parking rates for these busier days.

Preferred Parking Details

The Perks

What do you get with preferred parking, and how does it enhance your Universal Studios experience?

Cost Comparison

Is the added cost of preferred parking justifiable? We’ll analyze the advantages and disadvantages.

Valet Parking Benefits


Valet parking offers unmatched convenience. We’ll explore how it works and whether it’s worth the extra expense.

Price Tag

Valet parking can be more expensive. We’ll provide the exact pricing and explain what it includes.

how much is parking at universal studios
how much is parking at Universal Studios

Saving on Parking

Discounted Parking

Universal Studios sometimes offers discounted parking rates. We’ll discuss how to find these deals and make the most of your visit.

Annual Passholders

If you’re an annual pass holder, you might enjoy special parking privileges. We’ll outline these benefits.

Arrive Early

To secure the best parking spot and maximize your time in the park, consider arriving early. Early birds often find more parking choices.

Shuttle Services

Some nearby hotels offer shuttle services to Universal Studios. This could be a convenient and cost-effective way to get to the park without worrying about parking.


If you’re visiting with a group, carpooling can help reduce parking costs. Universal Studios sometimes offers discounts for carpooling.

Plan Your Visit

Before you head to Universal Studios, it’s a good idea to check the park’s official website for the latest parking information. They may have updates, special offers, and tips to make your visit smoother.

Remember that parking at Universal Studios can be a minor part of your overall experience. The key is to focus on the incredible attractions, shows and experiences the park has to offer.


Parking fees at Universal Studios can vary depending on the day and the type of parking you choose. While the cost may fluctuate, understanding your options will help you plan your visit more effectively. Whether you opt for standard, preferred, or valet parking, it’s all about ensuring a memorable experience at Universal Studios.


1. Can I pre-book parking at Universal Studios?

Yes, Universal Studios often offers the option to pre-book parking, providing convenience and potentially saving you time and money.

2. Are parking fees included in the ticket price?

No, parking fees are usually not included in the admission ticket price and are charged separately.

3. Is there a time limit for parking at Universal Studios?

While there is no strict time limit for parking, it’s essential to leave your vehicle in the designated parking areas during your visit.

4. Do Universal Studios hotels offer complimentary parking?

Some Universal Studios hotels may offer complimentary parking as part of their stay packages. Be sure to check with the specific hotel you plan to stay at.

5. Are there any discounts for Universal Studios parking for annual pass holders?

Yes, annual pass holders may enjoy discounts or special parking privileges. Check with Universal Studios for the latest offers and benefits.


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